Ep 02: Conservatives Nix Jewish Heritage Month

On this episode: we talk about the JDL in Montreal, and an expansion of the Canada-Israel Free Trade agreement. We give a nod to the St.Louis JVP in their response to the ADL’s collaboration with city police, and question the royal family’s “heil-gate”. Lastly, we’re joined in studio by Claire Hurtig (Treyf’s director of design) to talk about pinkwashing and a recent quebec delegation of lgbt francophone quebecois(es) to israel.

Show Notes:

1) Jewish Heritage Month:

Forward Michael Kaminer – Why Did Canada Nix Jewish Heritage Month?

2) JDL:

Tadamon! – The BDS Movement: A Ten Year Retrospective

Video of BDS Event

3) CIFTA Expansion:

Press Release: CIJA Applauds Signing of Improved and Expanded Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement

CIJA – PM Announces Expanded and Modernized Free Trade Agreement With Israel

NY Times Nasser Nawaja – Israel, Don’t Level My Village

4) Anti-Jewish Outremont Blog

5) St.Louis JVP on ADL:

Call from St. Louis Jews to Cut Ties with ADL
Mondoweiss Annie Robbins – St. Louis Jews Call on ADL to Cancel Honor to Police

EI Rania Khalek – ADL Honor for St. Louis Police Ahead of Ferguson Anniversary Sparks Outrage

JPost Michelle Grossman – On Last Day as ADL Chief, Foxman Says Internet Biggest Factor in Rising Anti-Semitism

6) Honourable Mentions:

Guardian Karina Urbach – Behind the Infant Queen’s Gesture Lies a Dark History of Aristocratic Nazi Links

Reuters Lena Masri – Donald Trump and THAT Nazi picture
Video of Sousaphone Player Trolling KKK Rally

7) Interview:

CJN Janice Arnold – Quebec LGBT Leaders to Meet Israeli Counterparts


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