Ep 04: Anti Blackness in Quebec

On this episode: We reflect on the 7th anniversary of Fredy Villanueva’s murder by Montreal police and talk about the continuing reality of systemic anti-black racism in Quebec. We do a survey of the bi-partisan support for Israel in the federal election campaign and problematize the way we talk about histories of anti-Jewish lynching. We’re then joined by Rachel Zellars to talk about her petition urging the Quebec government to remove the n-word from all natural site place names.

Show Notes:


Anniversary of Fredy Villanueva’s Murder

Gazette Nathalie Laflamme – Woman Says Arrest and Charges Were Racial Discrimination

CBC – Freddie James’s Racial Profiling Complaint is Part of Larger Issue Inside Montreal Police Force

Gazette Michelle Pucci – Montreal North Mural Stalled, Facing Criticism for Ignoring Villanueva

La CRAP – Liste des Noms des Personnes Decedees aux Mains de la Police au Canada

On Palestine, All Parties Are the Same

Vice James Wilt – Thomas Mulcair is Cracking Down on Pro-Palestinian Sentiment in the NDP

CBC Susana Mas – 5 reasons Stephen Harper is starting his campaign in Mont-Royal

CJN Janice Arnold – Trudeau tells shul audience he might reopen Iran embassy

CJN Janice Arnold Harper chooses JCC in Mount Royal for campaign launch


CJN Ron Csillag – Is Mark Adler Really the First MP Born of Holocaust Survivors?

Forward Chana Pollack – How the Forverts Reported Leo Frank’s Lynching


Petition To Remove the N-Word from Quebec’s Natural Sites

CBC – Quebec Considers Removing N-Word From 11 Place Names


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