Ep 05: Trying to Fight Racism in the Jewish Community

On this episode, we talk about the Montreal businessman being called the ‘Jewish Schindler’ and break our promise to stop talking about the Canadian election. We reflect on the legacy of Montreal’s Yom Kippur Ball and try to get to the bottom of an instance of vandalism at an Illinois Chabbad Centre. We’re then joined by Erika Davis, who runs the blog Black Gay and Jewish, to talk about the work she’s doing to combat racism within the Jewish community with the Jewish Multiracial Network.

Show Notes:


How to Listen to a Podcast with Ira and Mary

Washington Post Roberto Ferdman – The Story Behind the Funniest Email Hillary Clinton Has Ever Sent

Forward Jane Eisner – The Full Transcript of Forward Editor-In-Chief’s Interview With Obama


Steve Maman vs the Yazidi Community
JTA – Montreal Businessman Buys Freedom for 128 ISIS Sex Slaves

CJN Elias Levy – Q&A Steve Manan: ‘Jewish Schindler’ Saves Girls From ISIS

Vice Rachel Browne – Yazidi Leaders Want Proof ‘Jewish Schindler’ Saved 128 Women and Children from Islamic State

CJN Janice Arnold – Montrealer Defends Hostage Rescue Efforts Against Yazidi Critics

Jewish Community and Electoral Politics Pt II
The Walrus Jonathan Kay – Jew v Jew v Jew v Jew v Jew v Jew

CJN Shimon Fogel and David Cape – Community Needs Unity, Not Uniformity

Gazette Michael Hollander – As A Jew, I’m Offended at Being Treated Like a One-Issue Voter


Sam: Montreal’s Yom Kippur Ball
Rebecca Margolis – Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Cultural Life in Montreal, 1905 – 1945

Kenyon Zimmer – Immigrants Against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America

Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal – Jewish Anarchists and the Long Lost Yom Kippur Ball of Montreal

David: Illinois Menorah Destruction
News Gazette Nicole Lafond – Police: Accused Vandal Wanted Menorah as Gift

News Gazette Nicole Lafond – Repair, Replacement Ahead for Menorah at Illini Chabbad




JTA Chava Shervington – Op-Ed: For Black Orthodox Jews, Constant Racism is Exhausting


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