Ep 06 : Jewish Media and Partisan Politics

On this episode David theorizes about Harry Potter’s anti-Semitism, while Sam asks if there’s much difference between Rosh Hashanah greetings from one politician to another. We discuss Federation CJA’s failed attempt at online advertorials, and the Quebec government’s new legislation that targets Muslims. We’re then joined by Yoni Goldstein, editor of the Canadian Jewish News, to talk about partisan politics and Jewish media, as well as his role in changes at Canada’s largest Jewish newspaper.



Hassan Rouhani’s Tweet

Jewish Daily Forward “ A Jewish Journalist’s Exclusive Look Inside Iran” Larry Cohler-Esses August 2015


Federation CJA and Jewish Stereotypes

MTL Blog “Ten Realities of Having a Jewish Best Friend” Synden Hope-Johnson September 2015

“An Open Letter to Federation CJA” September 2015

Canadian Jewish News “Federation CJA pulls ‘humorous’ blog post after complaints” Janice Arnold and Jodie Shupac September 2015

Quebec Government’s “hate crime” legislation

Montreal Gazette “Groups upset by lack of diversity at Bill 59 hearings” Kalina Laframboise July 2015

Montreal Gazette “Charkaoui wants hate speech bill scrapped; Coderre favours rewrite” Caroline Plante September 2015

Canadian Jewish News “Quebec hate bill could stifle free speech, CIJA says” Janice Arnold August 2015

Strange Holocaust Related News

The Independent “Hitler’s all-conquering stormtroopers ‘felt invincible because of crystal meth-style drug Pervitin” Tony Paterson September 2015

New York Times “At Auschwitz, a Summer Precaution Is a Grim Reminder to Some” Christine Hauser  September 2015


CBS News “Do the Jewish holidays affect stock prices?” Jonathan Beer September 2015

City News Toronto “A Sit down Interview with Doug and Karla Ford”

Doug Ford at CHAT debate

CP24 “My Wife is Jewish, Doug Ford Tells Reporters”

Interview with Yoni Goldstein

The Walrus “Jew v. Jew v. Jew v. Jew v. Jew v. Jew” September 2015

Canadian Jewish News “Community needs unity, not uniformity” Shimon Koffler Fogel and David J. Cape August 2015

Canadian Jewish News “Is it time to have a debate about the JNF?” MIra Sucharov July 2015


Youtube “The Free Voice of Labor: Jewish Anarchists”

The Guardian “Paul Avrich: Historian of anarchism in the US and the Soviet Union” Stuart Christie April 2006


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