Ep 08: The Last Time We’ll Mention #elexn42

On this episode: we talk about colonial holidays, anti-muslim campaigning, and follow up on our two critically acclaimed segments, BDS Watch Watch and Who’s Invoking the Holocaust Now? [ #WITHN ] . We discuss recent claims of anti-semitism at the McGill Daily, try to understand Ben Carson’s holocaust theories, and share our mixed feelings about the Canadian Jewish News. We end the show with Amanda Lickers, highlighting the ongoing struggle led by indigenous women against the city of Montreal’s plan to dump massive amounts of sewage into the St. Lawrence River.

Times of Israel- Jewish Blue Jays outfielder a big hit for baseball’s hottest team

The Electronic Intifada

News 1- #elexn42

NDP candidate Alex Johnstone ‘didn’t know what Auschwitz was’
Winnipeg NDP candidate quits over social media posts linking Jewish sect to Taliban

The Hon. Chris Alexander and the Hon. Kellie Leitch Announce Measures to Stop Barbaric Cultural Practices Against Women and Girls

Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies unlawful, as Ottawa loses appeal

Niqab ban for public servants would be considered: Stephen Harper
Racist Bloc Ad

Prime Minister’s Office ordered halt to refugee processing


Toronto Star- New law makes Canadian Jews second-class citizens

News 2- Who’s Invoking the Holocaust Now?

Ben Carson Suggests Holocaust Would Have Been Less Likely if Jews Were Armed

Ben Carson Is Wrong on Guns and the Holocaust

Bernard Goldstein Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

News 3 – BDS Watch Watch

Apology from The Daily’s editorial board
Anti-Semitism at The Daily


Bernie Sanders’ brother is a BDS supporter

Bernie and Larry Sanders: candidate’s brother crosses Atlantic to watch debate

The CJN Elections official OKs graphic anti-Israel signs

Treyf Episode 7

Recommendation/ Outro

Mohawk Nation News Article on Montreal Sewage Dump


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