Ep 10: Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday

On this episode: We announce our new monthly live broadcast on CKUT, share another instalment of BDS Watch Watch, and announce our upcoming #WarOnChristmas special. We highlight some awkward pivots made by institutional Jewish groups after Harper’s defeat, talk about the Arbeter Ring shaking off it’s dust in New York City, and share some updates on the struggle against the City of Montreal’s sewage dump. Finally, we’re joined by Cadence O’Neal to talk about Demilitarize McGill’s #rememberthis campaign and week of events challenging militarism and colonialism at McGill University.

Show Notes:

News 1 – Jewish Salon
CJN – Rights Body Sides With Jewish Hairdresser Against Jewish Boss
Jew Or Not Jew.com

News 2 – Institutional Jewish Pivots
The Walrus – Jew V Jew V Jew V Jew V Jew V Jew
CJN – Trudeau Reaches Out to CIJA to Affirm Support for Israel
Twitter – Justin Trudeau
CJN – Q&A With Justin Trudeau: I Am Opposed to the BDS Movement

News 3 – BDS Watch Watch
CJN – Waterloo Student Group Presses for Israel Boycott
UW Imprint – Student Group Submits Ethical Collaboration Petition to Feds for Referendum
UW Imprint – Ethics or Politics – Will our Campus be Divided?
IJV – Independent Jewish Voices’ First Student Club Starts at York University
Hasbara Fellowships – Independent Jewish Voices and Mine
JTA – French High Court Confirms BDS Activists’ Discrimination Convictions
WSJ – EU Sets Guidelines for Labelling Products from Jewish Settlements in Palestinian Territories

Jew School – Fight for $15: Bringing Back those Yiddish Sashes
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Arbeter Ring / Workmen’s Circle NY
CBC – Mercier Bridge Protest Targets Montreal Sewage Dump
Reclaim Turtle Island – #FlushGate Timeline of Events
Buzzfeed – Ben Carson: Egyptian Pyramids Built for Grain Storage, Not by Aliens or as Tombs

Demilitarize McGill – #RememberThis Event Series


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