Ep 11: Mizrahi Resistance to Anti-Arab Racism 

On this episode: We spoke with Keren Soffer Sharon about her work at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice [JFREJ], where she has been building the organization’s first Mizrahi Caucus. In our newest BDS Watch Watch segment, we talked about the Institutional Jewish community’s awkward attempts to talk “intersectionality” as a means of countering the growing BDS movement in North America. Lastly, Shkoyachs were given to Jewish Voice for Peace’s anti-islamophobia Chanukah actions, and the two activists/academics who took the Toronto Star to task for questionable historical fluff pieces.


JewSchool – Hello Jewish Internet, We’re Treyf Podcast
Contribute to Treyf Podcast

BDS Watch Watch: Zionists and Intersectionality
JTA – Op-Ed: The Anti-Israel Trend You’ve Never Heard Of
CIJA – BDS and Campus Politics: A Bad Romance
CJN – New OISE Project Aims to Counter Academic Anti-Zionism

Shkoyach 1: Rebuttals to Toronto Star Article
Notes on Hypocrisy – Why is the Canadian media ignoring evidence of 1948 massacres?
Toronto Star – The Toronto man who saved Nazareth

Shkoyach 2: JVP’s Anti-Islamophobia Network
Treyf’s #WarOnChristmas
Salon – “We will not be silent”: American Jews hit the streets during Hanukkah to fight Islamophobia and racism
Jewish Voice for Peace – Network Against Islamophobia

Interview with Keren Sofer Sharon
JFREJ Website
Tikkun Daily – For Many Jews, Anti-Arab Racism Hits Home

Ashkenazi Homework
Ella Shohat
Moshe Behar
Sami Shalom-Chetrit
Karen Brodkin – How Jews Became White Folks
Kathy Wazana – They Were Promised the Sea
Jewish Multiracial Network


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