25 White Jews, Whiteness, and Anti-Semitism

Episode 25 "White Jews, Whiteness, and Anti Semitism"

On this episode, we spoke with Karen Brodkin, author of ‘How Jews Became White Folks,’ about the differences between structural racism & bigotry, and the stories white Jews tell about Jewish history. We then spoke with Benjamin Balthaser, professor of multiethnic US literature at Indiana University-South Bend, about the American institutions behind rural anti-Semitism. We finished the show with our usual Shkoyach! segment, highlighting a menorah feud, a pirate radio station, and an essay from 1967.

Show Notes



Karen Brodkin Interview

How Jews Became White Folks 

Karen Brodkin at UCLA

Forward article

Benjamin Balthasar Interview

Benjamin Balthasar  

Jewschool “Lessons on Anti-Semitism From Growing Up in Rural America“

April Rosenblum “The Past didn’t go anywhere”


James Baldwin Negroes are Anti-Semitic Because They’re Anti-White

The Brooklyn Paper – “Oy vey! Brooklyn menorah stripped of ‘world’s largest’ title

New York Post “Pirate radio stations hijacking the airwaves in Brooklyn”

Forward “Chaos In Brooklyn: Pirate Radio Teaches Torah, Picks Fight With Classical Music Station

The TREYF poster, by Cee Lavery!