Short: Laura Whitehorn

We spoke with Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner & tireless revolutionary activist and organizer, about her decades of participation in movements for justice. We spoke about organizing against white supremacists during the 1970s, how her work has changed over time, how she relates to the newly radicalized Jewish left, and what solidarity ought to look like in our current context.


-‘Out: The Making of a Revolutionary,’ documentary about Laura Whitehorn by Sonja DeVries

-‘The Weather Underground,’ documentary by Sam Green and Bill Siegel

-Background on the Resistance Conspiracy Case:

The Northeast Political Prisoner Coalition

-CKUT’s Prison Radio

Release Aging People in Prison

-‘The Battle of Boston: An Investigation of ROAR,’ from Osawatomie #1

Decolonize This Space

-‘The Yemeni Bodega Strike,’ Adam Chandler, the Atlantic

Herman Bell

Robert Seth Hayes

Jalil Muntaqim

David Gilbert

  • A review of his book, ‘Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond.’

Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz

International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

Selma James

CLR James

Jews for Racial and Economic Justice

Jewish Defence League

Jewish Defence Organization

John Brown Anti-Klan Committee

  • Papers published by the committee, compiled by Freedom Archives


-‘The New Jim Crow,’ by Michelle Alexander

Adameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Organization