40 Resisting Colonialism in Palestine

On this episode, we spoke with Aya Alghazzawi – a Palestinian student and activist in Gaza, as well as Ali Abunimah – co-founder and Director of the Electronic Intifada. We talked about life in Gaza, the Great March of Return, and how to understand the current wave of Israeli repression.

Show Notes:

Aya Alghazzawi

Palestinian Students Campaign for an Academic Boycott of Israel (PSCABI)

The BDS Movement

UNRWA – Refugees in Gaza

Al Jazeera – A Guide to the Gaza Strip

Visualizing Palestine – Besieged: The Economic Impact of the Israeli Siege & the Collective Punishment of Palestinians

Al Jazeera – Gaza: A Life Under Siege

World Bank – Gaza’s Economy in Collapse

Visualizing Palestine – Gaza’s Economic Collapse

The Independent – Israel cuts power supply to Gaza Strip

Haaretz – Gaza on 4 Hours of Power a Day After Sole Electric Firm Shuts Down

Al Jazeera – Gaza Refugees call for right of return in mass protests

Treyf Podcast – 35 The First Intifada, 30 Years Later

Al Jazeera – Palestinians’ Great March of Return: The human cost

Washington Post – A Palestinian Medic was shot dead in Gaza

Screen Daily – Gaza cameraman who worked with Ai Weiwei shot dead by Israeli military

CBC – Canadian shot in Gaza was clearly marked as a doctor

Electronic Intifada- Israel’s incremental genocide in Gaza

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Wikipedia – 2012 Assault on Gaza (IDF Operation Pillar of Defense)

Wikipedia – 2014 Assault on Gaza (IDF Operation Protective Edge)

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Ali Abunimah

The Electronic Intifada

Palestine Legal
 – The Palestine Exception to Free Speech

The New Yorker – Gazan women are no longer able to leave for cancer treatment

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Haaretz – Young American Jews Increasingly Turning Away From Israel

JTA – Israel is losing support among minorities and millennials, study finds

LifeWay Research – Support of Israel Wanes Among Younger Evangelicals

Pew Research Center – Republicans and Democrats Grow Even Further Apart in Views of Israel, Palestinians

The Guardian – Irish Senate approves ban on products from Israeli settlements 

Visualizing Palestine – 20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied


Haaretz – Dianna Buttu: ’I Advised the Palestinian Negotiating Team. It Was a Mistake to Have Negotiated With Israel at All’

Haaretz – Gideon Levy: ‘I Believed in the Oslo Accords for Years. But It Was Merely a Deception’

Jacobin – The Oslo Illusion

Independent Jewish Voices Canada’s 10th Anniversary Conference

Montréal Gazette – PQ can’t shake Michelle Blanc Controversy

Montreal Gazette – Jewish Group Backpedals, says Michelle Blanc ’caused pain’

Treyf – Twitter thread about Michelle Blanc