36 Understanding Antisemitism

On this episode, we spoke with Leo Ferguson and Aurora Levins Morales about the new resource, ‘Understanding Antisemitism: An Offering to our Movement,’ released by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. We talked about the several-year process behind the resource, the monopoly the Jewish Right has had over this conversation, and why it’s taken the… Continue reading 36 Understanding Antisemitism

30 On Anti-Semitism

We spoke with Mark Tseng-Putterman and Tallie Ben Daniel about Jewish Voice for Peace’s new book, ‘On Anti-Semitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice.’ We talked about the Jewish right’s understanding of Anti-Semitism, the Jewish left’s struggle to present a coherent alternative, and whose voices get centred in these conversations. Show Notes: –OnAntiSemitism.com –Mark Tseng-Putterman… Continue reading 30 On Anti-Semitism

25 White Jews, Whiteness, and Anti-Semitism

On this episode, we spoke with Karen Brodkin, author of ‘How Jews Became White Folks,’ about the differences between structural racism & bigotry, and the stories white Jews tell about Jewish history. We then spoke with Benjamin Balthaser, professor of multiethnic US literature at Indiana University-South Bend, about the American institutions behind rural anti-Semitism. We… Continue reading 25 White Jews, Whiteness, and Anti-Semitism