Short: Laura Whitehorn

We spoke with Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner & tireless revolutionary activist and organizer, about her decades of participation in movements for justice. We spoke about organizing against white supremacists during the 1970s, how her work has changed over time, how she relates to the newly radicalized Jewish left, and what solidarity ought to look like in our current context.
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33 Treyf Mailbag

On this episode, we introduce a new rolling segment – the Treyf Mailbag! We check in about how we’re feeling about the show and then read letters from listeners. We end the episode with a Shkoyach (awarded to a cookbook) and anti-Shkoyach (awarded to the province of Quebec).

*content warning: this episode contains a discussion about circumcision. if you don’t want to hear this, just skip minutes 13-19.

From The Archives: The Christie Pits Riot (Radio 613, 2008)

We were in Toronto last week for the 84th anniversary of the Christie Pits Riot, a piece of Jewish anti-fascist history that felt more significant to us this year. We decided to share this series of short interviews, originally conducted by Radio 613, which includes a conversation with Lionel Mernick, a Jewish man who was at the riot in 1933.