30 On Anti-Semitism

We spoke with Mark Tseng-Putterman and Tallie Ben Daniel about Jewish Voice for Peace’s new book, ‘On Anti-Semitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice.’ We talked about the Jewish right’s understanding of Anti-Semitism, the Jewish left’s struggle to present a coherent alternative, and whose voices get centred in these conversations.

Show Notes:


Mark Tseng-Putterman

Tallie Ben Daniel

Jewish Voice for Peace, 2004 – Reframing Anti-Semitism: Alternative Jewish Perspectives

-Brad Lamb Billboard

Oxfam, January 2016 – ’62 People Own the Same as Half the World’

Oxfam, January 2017 – ‘Just 8 Men Own Same Wealth as Half the World’

Paul Buchheit, June 2017 – ‘Now Just 5 Men Own Almost as Much Wealth as Half the World’s Population’

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Short: Mira Sucharov

We spoke with Mira Sucharov (Carleton University Professor and Forward/Haaretz Columnist) about her recent decision to resign her column at the Canadian Jewish News. We talked about her political journey away from Liberal Zionism and the rightward shift of Canada’s Institutional Jewish Community.

Show Notes:

CJN: Why I’m Resigning My CJN Column

CJN: Canada 150 and 50 Years of Israel’s Occupation Need Sober Reflection

CJN: A Response to a Controversial Column

Can Israel Exist as both Jewish and Democratic? A Public Debate Between Max Blumenthal and Mira Sucharov

Haaretz: Time to Retire the ‘Demographic Threat’ From Israeli Discourse

Forward: If Israel Lets in Palestinian Refugees, Will it Lose its Jewish Character?

Short: Letters From Earth

We spoke with acclaimed author, activist, artist, and movement elder Aurora Levins Morales about her new podcast, Letters From Earth. We talked about her ongoing love affair with radio – from the feminist radio shows she produced in the 1970s, to her time with the Third World News Bureau and her contributions to Flashpoints on Pacifica. We ended with a preview of the show, a piece entitled Mothers.

You can support Aurora through her Patreon account and as of June 1, you can listen to Letters From Earth here.
To follow all her work, go to auroralevinsmorales.com

29 The Destruction of the Canadian Jewish Congress

On this episode, we focused on the final days of the Canadian Jewish Congress. We spoke with Bernie Farber (former CEO of the CJC) & Dan Freeman-Maloy (Jewish academic, writer, and activist) about the CJC’s history, how the Jewish Federations replaced it with CIJA (an Israel advocacy group), and what this means for our present moment.

Show Notes:

Agents of Shield

The CJN – Historian Laments Demise of Canadian Jewish Congress

Dan Freeman-Maloy – AIPAC North

The CJN – The Assisted Suicide of the CJC: Does it Matter?

NYTimes – Why We Are on Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons