Short: Métis in Space

As we enter sci-fi blockbuster season, we reached out to Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel, hosts of the Métis in Space podcast! We talked about the colonial politics of mainstream science fiction and the importance of envisioning decolonial futures.
[This episode was recorded on November 27th]


Short: Bernie Farber

We spoke with Bernie Farber (former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress) about his recent role in helping uncover the truth about Ayman Elkasrawy, a Toronto Imam fired from his job due to false accusations of Anti-Semitism. We talked about the uneven relationship between Jewish and Muslim communities in Canada, the rise of the far-right, and how mainstream Jewish groups no longer understand what Anti-Semitism really means.
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34 What the Hell is Going On in Québec?

On this episode, we try to take a step back and give some context to the continuing rise of Islamophobia in Québec.

We spoke with Houda Asal, historian, sociologist, activist, and author of the recent book ‘Se Dire Arabe au Canada.‘ We talked about the history of Anti-Arab racism in Québec, how it relates to Islamophobia, and what we can learn from past migrant struggles against racism.

We also spoke with Alex, a longtime activist & organizer who’s participated in movements against the far-right in Québec since the 1980s. We spoke about the recent surge in far-right organizing, the relationship between these groups & the state, and how our current moment differs from the 1990s.

For more on the recent history of Islamophobia in Québec, you can listen to this episode we did following the mass shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Québec City.