38 A Resurgence of Leftist Jewish Media

On this episode, we took a look at a new generation of leftist Jewish media projects. We spoke with Ben Ratskoff (editor of Protocols) and Jacob Plitman (editor of Jewish Currents) about what’s led to this upsurge in the Jewish left, generational divides, the role of secularism, and what’s different about this moment. Show Notes:… Continue reading 38 A Resurgence of Leftist Jewish Media

36 Understanding Antisemitism

On this episode, we spoke with Leo Ferguson and Aurora Levins Morales about the new resource, ‘Understanding Antisemitism: An Offering to our Movement,’ released by Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. We talked about the several-year process behind the resource, the monopoly the Jewish Right has had over this conversation, and why it’s taken the Jewish left so long to offer this analysis.

Show Notes:

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