Short: Radiant Others

We spoke with musician Dan Blacksberg about his new podcast – Radiant Others, an extended interview show with Klezmer musicians. We spoke with Dan about his politicization via Jewish Voice for Peace, what it means to be a white Ashkenazi cultural worker, and what Klezmer has to offer young Ashkenazi Jews.


33 Treyf Mailbag

On this episode, we introduce a new rolling segment – the Treyf Mailbag! We check in about how we’re feeling about the show and then read letters from listeners. We end the episode with a Shkoyach (awarded to a cookbook) and anti-Shkoyach (awarded to the province of Quebec).

*content warning: this episode contains a discussion about circumcision. if you don’t want to hear this, just skip minutes 13-19.

From The Archives: The Christie Pits Riot (Radio 613, 2008)

We were in Toronto last week for the 84th anniversary of the Christie Pits Riot, a piece of Jewish anti-fascist history that felt more significant to us this year. We decided to share this series of short interviews, originally conducted by Radio 613, which includes a conversation with Lionel Mernick, a Jewish man who was at the riot in 1933.